The Trinity Table is an experiential medium for profound relaxation, spiritual and emotional healing, and expansion of consciousness. The original Trinity Table was conceived by Jim Harmon of Ravenna TX in 1985. Developed over a period of years, the Trinity Table was introduced to the public in 1996. Through its gentle counterclockwise rotation, and rocking movement, the Table clears excess energy from the chakras. This results in an individual's releasing physical and emotional stress allowing for greater clarity and increased insight.

The Table is experienced in a darkened room surrounded by music chosen with the individual's intention specifically in mind. The movement and sound release energetic blockages as one's natural flow of energy is balanced and restored. Many have opened their hearts to universal love, increased their creativity and intuition and clarified their life's intention.

Profound spiritual growth experiences may occur while utilizing the table. These include visitations, a sense of deep knowing and oneness with the universe. Individuals frequently recognize a deeper level of integration of their personal healing work through the use of the Trinity Table.

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Here is what some people who have experienced the Table have said.

I was deeply relaxed and filled with a sense of peace and joy.

I am feeling so much joy, expansion, safety and serenity. I feel I am ready to really flower into who I am. All sense of struggle is gone and there is a deep feeling of solidarity.

I felt protected and loved and could move forward through my life transition knowing I was not alone.

I felt my heart open up and I experienced a great emotional release. I felt a large part of my painful past being lifted off with the help of caring spirits and I cried, after which I felt great joy.

Note: The Trinity Table is NOT a medical device. It promotes deep relaxation and altered states of consciousness.

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